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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Time Travel Thursday

 The Hula Girl at Hulaville, near Victorville, CA, circa 1986

Long, long ago, in a state far away (a state known as California), I took photos with a Minolta camera, using actual film!  Today, for your viewing pleasure, here are three scans of photos from the 1980s, altered a bit with the fabulous on-line program Picnik, to enhance their nostalgia.  These are scenes of things that no longer exist.  Enjoy.
  Queen's Motel with Dinosaur; Apple Valley, CA, circa 1984

And for those who appreciate vintage neon:
Artesia Blvd; Redondo Beach, CA; circa 1984

Photos by C. Bruhn

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  1. Wow...very cool!

    I miss easy gardening in California too. Well, actually, in the mountains where I lived it wasn't that easy--sort of the opposite problem as Texas (there it was short season, with late and early freezes, a lot of shade and not much sun). But when I went to college in Riverside I took botany and for extra credit worked in their garden, and it was SO EASY to grow stuff.


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