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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Planetary Musings

Into Space
"Into Space" Digital artwork by C. Bruhn

I've been thinking about outer space lately.  Outer Space makes me feel hopeful, like the dreamy family above, which I put together with the aid of Photoshop.

Gremlins In Space
From a vintage children's reader.

Robot Hand!
Cardboard header from a child's toy.

Images keep appearing in my ephemera collections--I gather some of these on my Flickr photostream.  I am drawn to depictions of the Earth, star maps, and quirky depictions of the space age.

Walk-In World
Detail from "The Story of the Globe".

 Rocket Bank
A rocket bank from my childhood.

I remember the first Moonwalk, the Challenger explosion, and the Columbia disaster.  I have stayed up to scout for comets--Halley's, Kohutek, and Hale-Bopp. I've been to Edwards Air Force Base to watch the Shuttle land.  I've sat through dozens of planetarium shows.

 Warehouse of Mass Distribution
Rocket House in South Houston.

I'm no astronomer, and I'm not even that well-versed about the cosmos, but still, I'm intrigued.  Maybe it's because of "Star Wars" or "Space Odyssey 2001".

Sun and Planets
Detail  from a Goode's Atlas, back in the days when Pluto was a planet.

And when I need a lift, nothing makes me smile like the Monty Python "Galaxy Song".

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