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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Fun Finds

Yesterday, I received an Etsy order from the fabulous Magpie Ethel, whose blog by the same name is one of my daily must-sees.  I sigh over her photos of the amazing estate finds she snags and enjoy seeing how she recombines her treasures into remade items, all done in her chock-full (again, a sigh of faint envy) workshop.

When Magpie Ethel highlighted these awesome “medals” I just knew I needed a couple to pin onto my “Sugar Skull” Apron, also an Etsy find from Boojiboo.  I ordered one medal from Magpie Ethel and asked for a custom-made “Chatterbox” medal with purple and gold ribbon.  Aren’t they nifty?

This weekend, I went to the Montgomery Antiques Show, held in historic Montgomery, Texas.  I made a bee-line for the Garden Antiques display, hosted by Ms. Theresa, who has the best blog about Texas-style antiquin’ and junkin’ you’ll find this side of Lubbock.  We had a great chat.  I’m saving up for one of her vintage fish tanks.

I did spend a bit on some small items—I just can’t pass up bits of ephemera and little odds-n-ends, especially if they are $3.00 or less.  Here’s what I found.
 The neatest fun find for the day was this prison-art photo frame made from Camel cigarette package paper.  Although the dealer said she acquired it from a Houston-area dealer, it may well have been crafted by a Huntsville prison inmate to help pass the time.
 I also bought a table-top Coats Thread Display bin made out of metal with four sliding drawers.  My daughter has taken up sewing, and she'll be able to stash her threads, zippers, elastics and such in the drawers. Right now, her threads are rolling around in a plastic snap top box.


  1. Oh what great finds. A girl after my own heart!
    Thanks so much for following me and for posting about my giveaway. best of luck

  2. love, love, LOVE that photo frame...!


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