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Friday, May 7, 2010

Aloha Friday


Summer weather has arrived here in Houston, which makes me long for trade winds and the white sands  on the North Shore O'ahu beaches.

Enjoy this video of the official "It's Aloha Friday" song, which features historic photos of cane field workers from the old days in Hawai'i-Nei.

Photos by C. Bruhn; Rocky Point Beach, Sunset Beach, O'ahu, Hawai'i; July 2007

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  1. Hola! (Kinda close to Aloha!). Blog conversations are so funny...never sure where to reply. So I just copy paste and reply there and here:

    You worked in a nursery in California? Isn't that fun? I worked in a nursery too for a few years, up in the mountains. I was lucky that the manager liked to send me home with some of the plants that were past their prime but still good (perennials that had stopped blooming or things that were starting to get root-bound)--

    "Here, try this out, see if you can bring it back to life."

    Even so, I still spent a lot of my paycheck on flowers. I would love to work at a nursery again when the kids are all in school, but then, out here that would mean working in the Texas summer heat, so maybe not.


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