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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bluebonnet Trail Boondoggle

A week ago today, I took a drive along Highway 290, west of my house, out to Chappell Hill, Texas, to see the bluebonnets in peak bloom.  I couldn't find a friend who had time to tag along, so I decided to share some of my photos here.  I left after dropping my daughter off at high school, and made it back in time to pick her up.  I took only photos--stopping wherever the flowers caught my eye.  It was breathtakingly beautiful near Chappell Hill, Texas, where these photos were shot.
A close-up of Indian Paintbrush.
Many fields were blanketed with yellow butterweed (closeup above).
Of course, the bluebonnets are always a breath-taking sight:
And I even stumbled across the rare wild tuba, just beginning to unfurl its large, brassy bell!
You don't see tubas in bloom every day!


  1. A tuba? That is hysterical! I have some fancy wildflower pictures taken a month ago . Yours are beautiful!! Sometimes pictures don't due justice to the beauty we see before our eyes when our wild flowers are in bloom. I also do rescue work with dogs, for about 9 years. The four Italian Greys that I have are all rescues. Two are failed fosters. oops! I just couldn't let them go. I have stopped collecting,wink, so that they can all receive the proper attention they need,and to keep them well grounded. I have a whippet that rules the pack.

    Thanks for commenting on my page. Truly, I am thrilled that you stopped by.

    So I am going to follow you my Texas friend! "Yalls" good people, im sure!

    tin roof rusted~

  2. Yep...we Texas gals need to stay together...even if a TRANSPLANTED one...we are here to stay until the LORD calls us home.

    I am glad you joined my blog....I am so pleased with the way it has grown over the past few months since it's inception.

    You know what daugther has a doggie with the same kind of temperment that your dog had....but it looks like she is going to be around forever.....much to all our "schagrin ". But we love our animals...and so we deal with them.

    LOVE the name of your BLOG...we use to go to a Dude Ranch in Michigan called ~ GAY EL RANCHO...but for obvious reasons they had to change the name because it was a family oriented ranch.

    I have joined your blog as well.

    Nice to meet you,



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