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Friday, April 23, 2010

Animal Rescue Stamps to Debut Next Week

Maybe I need to send less email and write more letters so I can use these awesome animal rescue stamps that will debut at U.S. Post Offices on April 30, 2010. 
 The 10 different 44-cent stamps commemorate the USPS Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet program.  The stamps are designed by Derry Noyes of Washington, D.C., and photographed by Sally Anderson-Bruce of New Milford, Connecticut.  If you go the USPS web-site, you can roll your mouse over the images and find out more about each of these special animals.  Not only can you buy the stamps to use or to add to your philatelic collection, you can order a cool certificate for your dog or cat that includes a post-marked first-day cover stamp and the spaces for you to record your own furry friend’s adoption data.
 As an owner of two rescue dogs (Taco, the Very Lucky Miniature Pinscher, and Cross, the World’s Cutest Rat Terrier mix) and a regular foster-mom for my local Shelter (I had 11 different foster dogs last year!), I encourage you to consider a rescue animal for your next pet. 
 You can find wonderful animals at your local shelter, through PetsMart or PETCO adoption events, and online at  If you’re hankering after a specific breed, you can search for breed rescues. So, on April 30th, go buy some of these stamps and put a paw out for rescue! 

As an animal rescue volunteer, I am already signed up with my local Shelter to help with a HUGE off-site event to be held at the Conroe, TX, Post Office on the day the stamps are made available.  We’ll be showing off adoptable pets of the Montgomery County Animal Shelter in this unique tie-in to the rescue stamp debut.  I’ll be the pudgy dog lady in the brown Stetson!


  1. Thanks for your comment! I checked out your "Texifornia" blog and joined as a follower.

    I've lived in the South so long that my "California-ness" has worn away. My folks moved to Huntington Beach in 1976. I graduated from UCI. Lived in Redondo Beach and Hawthorne. Both kids born at Torrance Memorial.

    I do meet a lot of freshly displaced Californians where I live, and they do "stick out" :)! I'm glad to have some resources to suggest for them!

    I hope you'll become a follower, too, and check back often!

  2. I've been out in Texas for a little over 10 years now, but still feel more like a Californian than a Texan. Which is fine--cause it's who I am (umm...part of who I am).

    I really did enjoy your blog and think I'd like to keep up with you so I went ahead and followed, and added you to the Texifornians on my blog-role.

    LOVE your blog name by the way. Made me have a good sense of humor.


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