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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Terquasquicentennial Texas

Terquasquicentennial Texas, originally uploaded by Calsidyrose.

I'm feeling proud to be a Texan! I'm not a native, but I consider myself a Texan after living here for five years!

And I'm back in the saddle after taking wa-a-a-a-ay too long of a break. I got frustrated with some of the changes that Blogger made to their posting process. I want to offer my readers big files for my photos, so from henceforth, this blog will be posted from my Flickr account.

I LOVE FLICKR! (Even more than I love Texas). If you haven't been to my Flickr photostream, you are missing out on a wealth of treasures. My photostream contains more than 5,000 images! That's 300 pages worth of ephemera, art samples, photographs and more! If you are looking for odd bits of scanned ephemera, postcards, textures, or other interesting flotsam and jetsam, head on over by clicking on my BigFunLabs header in the sidebar.

And look out for more fun from "El Rancho Not So Grande"!

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