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Monday, October 4, 2010

Found Things

From my scanner to you, ephemera bits and pieces.
 Detail from a vintage tourist map of Tokyo.

 Front and back covers of a Japanese tourist brochure, most likely from Hokkaido, circa 1960s.  I acquired a packet of vintage travel ephemera from eBay.  I like the strong design elements in this piece--Japanese graphics never fail to impress.
Traveling back to the Pacific Rim, here's a shot of the Los Angeles International Airport on a postcard from the late 1970s or very early 1980s when deckle edges were the rage.  My husband and I once had dinner in the famous Googie-inspired revolving restaurant.

Enbiggen this postcard from Cairo, Egypt to appreciate the stamps and cancellations and to read about the journey.  I lived in Tripoli, Libya, when I was in junior high.

This postcard-size image of Waikiki at dusk is actually a tiny painting, done on canvas board.  I found it at Savers on O'ahu in 2000.

And from a vintage manual for Naval seaman:

This 1940 copy of "The Bluejackets' Manual" belonged to Raymond McAfee, A.S., and contains detailed instructions about every aspect that a Naval seaman might have needed to know in those months before World War II began for the American military.
In case you find yourself on a boat and need to know which way is "on starboard beam."

The Navy Standard Compass Card.  Love the fleur de lis at the North Point.  I hope you enjoy these scanned bits of history.


  1. Cathi~ Thanks for stopping by~One of these days I know you will make to one of my workshops...LOL! Hope to see you at PC this summer!!!
    I love the cuff on your daughter!!! Looks Fab!!!

  2. Such a terrific assortment of vintage treasures! I especially like the charming Hawaiian postcard (tell me that same illustration wouldn't make for a wonderful print to frame and hang on one's wall, if it were a bit larger?).

    Many thanks, sweet dear, for your recent comments over at Chronically Vintage. I appreciate your visits and shared thoughts ever so much!

    Wishing you a blissfully lovely day,

  3. I love Japanese graphics too. I had a roommate from Japan and there was a cardboard box (kept some sort of food in it) that she had that I kept for the longest time because of the cool graphics on it and the pretty textured paper it was covered with...just japanese print but very pretty. It finally fell apart and I had to get rid of it :-(.

  4. (Um...roommate in College...thought I should clarify that. My roommate now is my husband *grin*)


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