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Friday, June 4, 2010

Off to A-Kon

I am heading out this morning with my 16-year-old daughter to A-Kon, one of the longest-running anime-based convention in North America. Celebrating it’s 21st year in 2010, A-Kon is held at the Dallas, TX, Sheraton and will offer a weekend filled with non-stop gaming, anime-films, cosplay, meet-ups, shopping and other pursuits designed to send anime fans into a nerdy tizzy.

My daughter has three different outfits planned--an elegant Steampunk affair (think Victorian style without the bustles, and with grungy gears and lots of black), a cosplay (costuming as a character, in this case, as Kiki, the good little witch from "Kiki's Delivery Service) and as a Sweet Lolita (which has nothing to do with with Nabokov's book other than the fact that the dresses look like the frilly concoctions you once yearned to put on your three-year-old).

I'm the adult-in-charge.  I'll be there to watch out for her, hand out money, make sure she eats, and in the mean-time, I'll be chatting up the unique folks who attend these cons (as they are called) and taking photos.  We're staying nearby, so I'll get a break from the frenzy.  And it will be frenetic.  I was a proto-nerd as a child, but we didn't have the Interwebs, so I ouldn't find all those other kids who were weird like I was.

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  1. I am so very excited to discover you and especially your blog! I am thrilled to pieces to find that you are a Paper Cowgirl. I don't know yet what this is, but I adore cowboy images and know this is a place for me to be! I look forward to scrolling through past posts. I already see one from a favorite friend Beth. A Dime Store Chic if ever there was one! Again, I am excited to get to know you through you art! Elizabeth


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