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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Mas Y Mas

 My Official PC Name Bade, all hand-made and sparkly with gorgeous gold glitter.

More and More, for sure!  Have I got Paper Cowgirl fun to share with ya'll?  Is Texas a big ol' state?  My name badge was in danger of getting bent to bits while pinned on my apron, so on Saturday, I pinned it to my cowboy hat, as you can see above.  I love the horseshoe theme!
I coordinated a "Faithful Horse" swap, providing a link to an awesome template from artist Ann Wood.  Because this was the last swap posted, we only had a total of six swappers, but I think lots of ladies wished they had joined us. The creativity with the template was astounding.  Once home, I displayed my herd on this ribbon board so ya'll could truly appreciate the artistic variety.  I used the map paper and cut my templates a little bit bigger.
 Detail of Quick Cutz embossing
One swapper sent her horse in a different direction and another used "Quick Cutz" Metal Embossing sheets for extra special detail.
One of Suzie Button's sweet ponies!
I participated in the Rodeo Queen Sash swap.  My swap partner was the wonderful Ms. Mendy, who added her signature bling-tastic touches to this white satin sash complete with shabby pink lettering and sparkly sequin edging.  It was a bit heavy to wear (the price of royalty!) so I had my son photograph me in it all my splendor, complete with tiara, upon my return home.
Here is a detail from the bottom of the sash:
Below is another horse from our "Faithful Horse Swap":
Hope you enjoyed these photos--I have more to show you!


  1. You're right...I didn't sign up for the horse swap as I was already in over my head w/ swaps. But I'm sure wishing I did...they're fabulous!

    It was such fun to meet you Cathi...& I'm already looking forwrad to the next PC. YeeHaw!

  2. A real winner for sure! I was in only one swap...due to my late sign up but I know the others were just as much fun. Made next year I'll get on board early and ride through the whole rodeo.
    The YEE-HAWs are still echoing through the hills.


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