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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Best. Horse. Ever.

 A digital scrapbook of Trigger images.

The black-and-white television show, "Roy Rogers" was already in re-runs by the time I was a pre-schooler, but that is where my love affair with Roy Roger's horse, Trigger, began.  I wanted to be Roy Rogers--not Dale--because Roy got to ride Trigger.  I never owned any Trigger toys or books, but all my life Trigger has held the position of  First Horse in my Equine Pantheon.  The marvel of the Interwebs and the capabilities of my scanner and Photoshop have enabled me to corral a virtual museum of Trigger images, a few of which I share with you today.
Detail from the back cover of a vintage Whitman hardback book.  From my personal collection.  Over the past few  years, I've collected a few Trigger items, including a lunchbox, some show brochures, postcards and books.

Trigger, Victorville, CA.  Circa 1985, in front of the Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum.  I visited the Museum several times and even had the honor of meeting Roy and Dale at the Museum.  This statue also once stood in Branson, MO, where the Museum relocated in 2003.  The Branson site closed in January 2010.  Some Internet reports indicate that the statue has been purchased and that there are plans to return it to Victorville.

Digital artwork based on a scan of a cover of Trigger Comic #4 by Dell Publishing; 1952.  I'm not sure who the cover artist was for that issue--Sam Savitt created many of Dell's Trigger covers, as well as covers for Gene Autry's Champion, Fury the Black Stallion, and other famous equine characters.  Comic Book image cover courtesy of eBay.

Digital artwork I created in Photoshop, then tweaked in Picnik, using the artwork from the Whitman Book cover shown above.  I love the rainbow effect.

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