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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Things on my Scanner

The Tinsel Trading Card and the applique were scanned separately and combined digitally. 
But I could have achieved a similar (but blurry) effect by hand.  

 Ephemera is my addiction.  And my scanner is my favorite gadget after my camera.  This is a post about things I have scanned.

We had dinner at this famous deli.  The pickles were crunchy.  The huge Reubens were delicious.  This is a cleaned up scan of the souvenir napkin I tucked in my messenger bag.  Now, instead of leaving the napkin stuck inside a tour booklet, I can post it on the Interwebs!

We went to Liberty Island and saw Lady Liberty for ourselves.  She was as magnificent as I expected.  In the gift shop, we bought Silly Bandz.  Silly tourists!

Here is the more conventional bit of travel ephemra--the ticket for our ferry ride to see Miss Liberty.

My daughter bought clothes at this trendy NY chain located on Broadway in the SoHo district.  I bought the fluffiest flower pins/hair decorations ever, one in shabby pink, one in purple (for my sister) and one in earthy browns.  I also bought a cutey-cute pink scarf trimmed with pink pom-poms.  I'm not normally a girl who goes for cotton-candy pink, but I do adore pom-poms.

I'm glad the Metro folks are serious about safety.  This is the back of the card we used to pay for our subway rides.  In the 1980s, I was a managing editor for a trade journal called "METRO Magazine," which focused on the transit industry in the U.S.  I wrote about the NY Subway system (and its buses and trains) on a regular basis.  This was the first time I'd ever seen the system I wrote about for so many years!

This is a scan of a "Walks in New York City" card from a deck published by the good folks at Chronicle Books.  A friend loaned me the deck before our trip.  I took some of the cards with us, but we didn't use them due to competitive agendas.  However, this card, which includes two stars (double points if you find them) added digitally by me, show the area where we stayed.

I call this little feline "Lucky Lucky".  She is a little Japanese kitty cropped from a hang tag on a little trinket picked up in Chinatown.  I love the simplicity of this drawing.

If you are looking for great Chinese food--I recommend this eatery.  The shrimp with almonds is divine.

What sort of ephemera do you save?  What do you do with it?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

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